eFIN's Services and Rates

Our bookkeeping Services and monthly fees


Our Bookkeeping fee is determined on a fixed monthly billing based on the number of transactions generated per month. We calculate our fees on transaction volumes as indicated in the table below. The table serves as a guideline of our services and service level frequency. A Customized fee based on your unique requirements may be tailored by completing our custom quotation form and submitting both pages to us, here  Pricing Quote


Once we receive the completed forms, we will prepare a quotation and arrange for an apointment to discuss the service level and quotation. 


Package ideal for you Established & Growing Small & Medium Small & Growing Start-Up & Sole Proprietor
Transaction Volume <350 <250 <100 <50
Employees 25 + 10 + 1 - 5 1 - 2
Bank/C-card Accounts 2 - 4 2 - 4 1 - 2 1 - 2
Accounts Payable Y Y Y Y
Input VAT Recon Y Y X X
Expense Report Y Y Y Y
Sales Y Y Y Y
Sales Report Y Y Y Y
Pricing & Discounts Y Y Y Y
Output VAT Recon Y Y X X
Debtors & Payments Y Y Y Y
AP Recon & Payments Y Y Y Y
Payroll Y Y Y Y
Payroll GL Recons Y Y Y Y
Payroll Tax Recons Y Y Y Y
Bank Reconciliations Y Y Y Y
Stock & Variances Monthly Monthly Y Y
Audit File Annually Annually X X
Financial Statements Monthly Monthly Monthly Annually
Balance Sheet Annually Annually Annually Annually
Budget Var Report Monthly Monthly X X